Mr. Boom's Firework Factory Wiki
Crates must be moved from various machines in Mr. Boom's Firework Factory to avoid explosions. There are several types of crates, each with unique types of explosion when they are damaged.

Each crate has a different strategy for dealing with it, which varies depending upon whether the crate must be saved or destroyed and whatever other crates are in play at the time.

Selection of Firework Crates

Mortar Crate[]

Crate Dynamite Large.jpg
The mortar crate is the most basic of crates which appears right from the start in the tutorial. It is only a danger if it directly collides with another crate as its explosion is limited in range and firepower.
Risk Level Very Low
First Level Encountered Tutorial
Strategy Just don't let this crate collide with other crates. It is only dangerous if it directly collides with scenery or another crate, and the explosion is

extremely limited in power and range.

Example Particles mortar.gif

Breakable Crate[]

Crate Breakable Large.jpg
The breakable crate is a dangerous travesty of everything health and safety stands for. Upon destruction it shatters into many small pieces, which fly off in random directions. Each of these pieces can cause an explosion of another crate, should it touch them. Beware because even motionless debris left on conveyors is damaging to other crates!
Risk Level Medium
First Level Encountered 2
Strategy Keep the crate isolated. If you must destroy it, find a location where the pieces cannot travel far, e.g. between two walls or other parts of the level.

An explosion of this crate in an open space is a high risk of chain reaction to all other crates in play on the level.

Example Particles breakable.gif

Flammable Crate[]

Crate Mortar Large.jpg
The flammable crate contains the components for a Roman candle firework. When disturbed or broken, the crate explodes into a fountain of fire, from which each burning ember has a chance of detonating other crates.
Risk Level Medium
First Level Encountered 1
Strategy If there is a need to destroy this crate, or a risk of destroying the crate, keep the crate under cover, below some level architecture which will prevent the

sparks and embers from being distributed over a wide area.

Example Particles candle.gif

Starburst Crate[]

Crate Starburst Large.jpg
The statburst crate contains the ingredients of fireworks which explode into beautiful flowers or star patterns high up in the stratosphere. Of course, if they explode at ground level the effects are fast and devastating...
Risk Level Medium
First Level Encountered 3
Strategy Keep this crate enclosed in a small area on all sides where possible. The explosion is not very high, and will not travel far over a reasonably high structure, but will

travel extremely quickly outwards before you have time to react, sometimes even slicing through thin walls.

Example Particles starburst.gif

Radioactive Materials Crate[]

Crate Radioactive Large.jpg
These crates are a danger to you, the factory, and the world as a whole. Containing by-products from nuclear reactors ready to be refined into weapons, these boxes of doom can quickly ruin your day if not properly managed. When the crate explodes, gobbets of radioactive slime spread out from the blast site, which will destroy anything that comes into contact with the stains until they dry out.
Risk Level High
First Level Encountered 7
Strategy Keep this crate enclosed, and if you must destroy it, drop it off the edges of the level grid where the map where the sludge that comes

out will not be in a hazardous location.

Example Particles goop.gif

Toxic Gas Crate[]

Crate Toxic Large.jpg
These crates contain various nerve and chemical agents which should be nowhere near anyone or anything, never mind inside a firework factory. When they explode, they emit a vision-impairing bright green gas cloud which will make it very hard to see where the other crates are going.
Risk Level Very High
First Level Encountered 7
Strategy There's very little you can do to prevent your vision being impared once this crate explodes. The gases will seep out and make themselves known through

any piece of level scenery in the game, regardless of its structure or composition. Simply avoid explosions of this crate at all. If you do damage this crate,

hold off on making any further changes to the junctions while you can't see, if at all possible.

Example Particles gas.gif